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  • Announcement 18-May-2022
    OQTANE 3.1.2 Released

    Small hitches sorted out and upgrade is simple. ;

  • Article 28-Apr-2022
    Visual Studio Tips

    Paste JSON and XML as a Class;

  • Blog 13-Dec-2021
    Site Upgraded to 3.0.1

    Today the site was updated to 3.0.1. Painless as always.;

  • General 12-Dec-2021
    Published Packages 11 packages / 9,578 downloads

    Today just checked the status on Nuget and was completely surprised to see that there has been 9,578 downloads.;

  • Announcement 14-Nov-2021
    New Module Released

    We are pleased to announce the New module MediaPresenter.;

  • Announcement 10-Nov-2021
    Announcing ASP.NET Core in .NET 6

    .NET 6 is now released! ASP.NET Core in .NET 6 includes everything you need to build rich modern web UI and powerful back-end services.;

  • Blazor FAQ 10-Oct-2021
    Retrieve a selected value of the select control

    How to retrieve a selected value from the select control, you can use either the @bind or @onchange event.;

  • Announcement 30-Sep-2021
    Oqtane 2.3.0 and 2.3.1 Release

    The 2.3.1 release is to fix AntiForgeryToken header was not being set during startup. The 2.3.0 release A grand total of 66 pull requests by 8 contributors were integrated into this release bring the total to 2359 commits all time.;

  • Blog 30-Sep-2021
    Is there a way to localize HTML control

    In short no, it's up to the user's browser to display a localized version of the text. In other words, the user has to be running a localized version of the browser to get localized text there. There's no direct way in HTML to change that text for se...;

  • Blog 11-Aug-2021
    .NET Hot Reload User Experience for editing managed code at runtime

    In this release we are excited to make available the first release of the new Hot Reload user experience when editing code files for applications such as WPF, Windows Forms, ASP.NET Core, Console, etc. With Hot Reload you can now modify your apps man...;

  • Blog 10-Jul-2021
    oqtane.framework Release v2.2.0

    The Oqtane Framework is built on Blazor, an open source and cross-platform web UI framework for building single-page apps using .NET and C# instead of JavaScript. This release of Oqtane is targeted at .NET 5.0 (v5.0.100+). This release is upgradeable...;

  • Announcement 05-Jul-2021

    Hot on the heels of Microsoft BUILD 2021 we are pleased to announce the official release of Oqtane 2.1, a new major release of the popular modular application framework for Blazor, adding multi-database support to its growing list of framework capabi...;

  • Blog 10-Jun-2021
    Oqtane 2.1.0 releases

    Multiple Database Support and 2.1.0;

  • Blog 10-Jun-2021
    WebDav and disabling

    Whis some hosting providers things come preinstalled, and webDAV was one on the features I did not want as it breaks the Oqtane framework. So here is how to manually disable it in the web.config file.;

  • Article 28-May-2021
    AddTransient, AddScoped and AddSingleton Services Differences

    What is the difference between the services.AddTransient and service.AddScoped methods in ASP.NET Core?;

  • Blog 21-May-2021
    Visual Studio 2022

    Visual Studio 2022. It will be 64-bit and will provide a leaner, more intelligent, and action-oriented experience. ;

  • Blog 19-May-2021
    Blazor Conf - Bhubaneswar - Friday, June 11, 2021

    Blazor Conf - Bhubaneswar is a free event organized by Utkal Techies Forum and ServerlessDays Bhubaneswar to spread awareness among the developer community in the region on Blazor and it's use cases. It is going to be 6-hour long virtual event with b...;

  • Announcement 13-May-2021
    Tag It released

    New module call Tag It has been released.;

  • Blazor FAQ 12-May-2021
    What is the difference between Blazor vs. Razor?

    Razor is a popular template markup syntax for .NET. Blazor (Browser + Razor) is a .NET based web framework which can run on the client using WebAssembly or running on the server via SignalR.;

  • Blazor FAQ 12-May-2021
    How do you preserve the state in Blazor server-side?

    Blazor Server is a stateful application framework that maintains a connection to the server. Its state will occur in the server memory known as circuit. We can preserve the state in Blazor server-side three ways:;

  • Blazor FAQ 12-May-2021
    What is the difference between using @bind and @bind-value?

    In Blazor, there is no significant difference between using these two attributes. ;

  • Blazor FAQ 12-May-2021
    How do I check the framework version?

    Using C# conditional preprocessor directives and predefined constants, you can check the Blazor target framework version.;

  • Blazor FAQ 12-May-2021
    How do I render raw HTML in Blazor?

    Raw HTML can be rendered in Blazor by using the MarkupString. ;

  • Blazor FAQ 12-May-2021
    How do I get two-way binding in Blazor with the Select component?

    To use two-way binding in a Blazor component, add the bind attribute to a field. Two-way data binding pushes the changes to the component, gets the data from the component end, and updates its own data accordingly.;

  • Blog 10-May-2021
    New Oqtane module soon to be released.

    The module is called TagIt and is an intuitive way to navigate the site.;

  • Blog 08-May-2021
    Oqtane - StudioElf.LocSharedRes Localization Example Module

    Example: How to create Localised Module for Oqtane. This solution also uses a SharedResource.resx for shared language resources.;

  • Blog 03-May-2021
    Debugging Oqtane Modules

    The process of debugging modules for Oqtane is long winded and you need to run two instances of Visual Studio as explained by Michael Washington;

  • General 29-Apr-2021
    Resources used for this site

    Just thought I would record the resources that are being used to run this site.;

  • General 29-Apr-2021
    Site updated with SSL/TLS protocol

    Today created and added SSL certificate to the site;

  • Blog 29-Apr-2021
    Studio-Elf Announcements module released

    A few days ago I released a module for Oqtane "Announcements" on to NuGet. ;

  • Blog 27-Apr-2021
    New module being released soon, very soon

    I'm currently in the process of getting one of my many modules ready for release. The module in fact is this module that you are reading from.;

  • General 27-Apr-2021
    Oqtane Module Development Series

    This is a really good starting point for getting started with module development in Oqtane.;

  • Blog 22-Apr-2021
    Choose Wisely between Blazor WebAssembly & Blazor Server

    What's the difference? When should I use one over the other? Why does it matter? ;

  • Announcement 21-Apr-2021
    Visual Studio 2022 announced

    Read about the vision for Visual Studio 2022. Learn about new features and improvements that will make you a more productive developer. And did we mention it's 64-bit? ;

  • Blog 19-Apr-2021
    Blog OQTANE 2.0.2 RELEASED By Shaun Walker

    Oqtane has been receiving plenty of exposure in recent months and was featured on the .NET Community Standup with Safia Abdalla and Jon Galloway on April 13. The 2.0.2 release contains a variety of user experience improvements for both software devel...;

  • Announcement 19-Apr-2021
    Oqtane Noteworthy Changes in v2.0.2

    A grand total of 33 pull requests by 6 contributors were integrated into this release.;

  • Blog 18-Apr-2021
    Oqtane Module Template

    Oqtanes module creator uses a template to create the external module. This feature is extendable as you are able to create your own templates.;

  • Blog 16-Apr-2021
    Visual Studio (Windows) timeout

    If Visual Studio throws an exception that the debug adapter failed to launch mentioning that the timeout was reached, you can adjust the timeout with a Registry setting:;

  • Announcement 16-Apr-2021

    Oqtane is an open source modular application framework that provides advanced functionality for developing web and mobile applications on ASP.NET Core. It leverages the revolutionary new Blazor component model to compose a fully dynamic web developme...;