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Containerized Blazor: Microsoft Ponders New Client-Side Hosting

Microsoft is exploring built-in container support for client-side Blazor WebAssembly apps. The initial stages of that investigation include a Twitter question associated with a feature request on the company's Developer Community feedback site. That question reads: "If you are doing #Blazor Wasm projects that are NOT aspnet-hosted, how are you hosting them? Would this be useful for you -- comment on the issue and what you might expect in the containerization of a Blazor Wasm project?

The tweet points to the "Docker support for Blazor WASM Projects" feature request on the feedback site, posted Oct. 27 by Microsoft's Brady Gaster. It reads:

With most Web projects, one can right-click the project and elect to add Docker support. With Blazor WASM standalone projects, the Add Docker support flyout is missing. It would be great if we could either:

  1. Add Docker support to for Blazor WASM projects, and drop in a base package that can serve the WASM app. We could use a simple nginx container or a pre-bult Kestrel image.
  2. Add a flyout menu for Blazor WASM projects one can click that would drop in a 'host project' so folks who start with the WASM project can add a host after-the-fact, and it'd be pre-wired to serve the WASM app.