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Oqtane and Studio-Elf


Oqtane is a modular application framework for Blazor, and Studio-Elf is an early adopter of this framework. If your application requires a robust, solid architecture, then Oqtane may be a good solution for you.

What is also nice to note is, the Cross Platform Database Support ( ie. LocalDB, SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL )

Oqtane has a built in User, Role, and Page management, as well as support for external third-party modules as well as custom modules designed and built by Studio-Elf. New modules can be scaffolded to meet your needs so you can be up and running with a new system in weeks.

Studio-Elf is an active contributor to the github codebase, so familiar with what is available and what is on the roadmap.

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Visual Studio 2022 17.9 Now Available

  • Visual Studio

This release comes with more capabilities and improvements that enhance productivity for you and your team, such as AI-assistance and better extensibility.

Created 13-Feb-2024 2024-W07
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DynamicForm 2.0.3 Released

  • DynamicForms
  • Oqtane

Elevating Form Design and Data Entry with DynamicForm's Dynamic Navigation Features

Created 12-Jan-2024 2024-W02
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DynamicForm 2.0.2 Released

  • DynamicForms

Maintenance release. Issue found with the File Manager and Image Controls.

Created 04-Jan-2024 2024-W01
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DynamicForm 2.0.0 Released

  • DynamicForms
  • Oqtane

After rigorous development and testing, DynamicForms is ready to empower your digital experiences like never before. We are thrilled to announce the commercial availability of Dynamic Forms, now featuring a generous 45-day trial offer! After extensive development and testing, Dynamic Forms is ready to revolutionize your digital experiences on Oqtane.

Created 06-Dec-2023 2023-W49
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Unveiling the Power of .NET Core 8.0: A Compatibility Deep Dive

  • .Net8

In the dynamic realm of software development, staying abreast of the latest technologies is crucial. Recently, I delved into the compatibility guide for .NET Core 8.0, and the insights are too good not to share. Join me on this exploration as we uncover the intricacies of the compatibility landscape.

Created 23-Nov-2023 2023-W47
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Oqtane Release 5.0

  • Oqtane

New release that coincides with the release of the .Net8 framework

Created 20-Nov-2023 2023-W45
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Oqtane Release 4.0.6

  • Oqtane

This will be the last release running on .NET 7. We move to .NET 8 this quarter when .NET 8 is fully released.

Created 17-Oct-2023 2023-W42
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Oqtane 4.0.3 Released

  • Oqtane

Another fantastic release from the team

Created 30-Aug-2023 2023-W35
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DynamicForm 1.0.8 Released

  • DynamicForms
  • Oqtane

This was an exciting release. Some really cool features. Elevate Your Experience: Seamlessly Integrate Forms with Studio-elf's Repository in RocketFuel Theme!

Created 25-Aug-2023 2023-W34
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DynamicForm WebParts

  • DynamicForms
  • WebParts

I have been busy with DynamicForm module fixing up some stuff but more than this, I have been creating some really cool WebParts.

Created 04-Aug-2023 2023-W31
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Attention WhatIsHot Users!

Your WhatIsHot trial period has concluded, and we hope you've experienced the value it brings to your Oqtane platform. To continue enjoying the limitless possibilities of WhatIsHot, it's time to secure your license.

Empower your Oqtane experience by unlocking the full potential of WhatIsHot. With a licensed version, you'll have the freedom to deploy multiple form instances seamlessly on your site.

Ready to take your user interactions to the next level? Visit Oqtane Commercial Market place to explore options and acquire your license. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is ready to assist at sales@studio-elf.net

Thank you for your continued support of WhatIsHot for Oqtane. Let's elevate your digital experiences together!

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