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RocketFuel Oqtane Theme 1.5.1 Released

This was really an emergency release as the theme didn't work with the latest version of the framework. Than being said, it is released with some nice features.

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Created on: 1/16/2023 9:11:01 AM
This week coming : Introducing the Future of Form Building: DynamicForm 1.0.5 for Oqtane 3.3.1+

Creating custom forms for your web applications can be a tedious and time-consuming task, especially if you don't have a background in coding. But what if we told you that there's a solution that can simplify the process and make form building a breeze? Introducing DynamicForm for Oqtane 1.0.5 - the newest addition to the Oqtane web application framework that will revolutionize the way you create forms.

With DynamicForm, building forms is as easy as drag and drop. That's right, no coding is required. Our intuitive designer allows you to create custom forms with ease, giving you more time to focus on the design and functionality of your forms. But that's not all, DynamicForm also comes with the powerful Presenter module, which allows you to display the data in a variety of ways. Whether you need a simple address book or a detailed survey, the Presenter has got you covered.

One of the best things about DynamicForm is its flexibility and customization options. With the Presenter, you can tailor your forms to fit your specific needs and branding. This makes it perfect for any type of web application, from a personal blog to a large enterprise application.

We are excited to announce that DynamicForm for Oqtane 1.0.5 is coming soon. This version will include even more features and improvements that will make form building even more seamless and efficient. Stay tuned for more updates and be one of the first to experience the future of form building.

Don't waste any more time coding forms. Upgrade to DynamicForm for Oqtane 1.0.5 and experience the ease and flexibility it offers."

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Created on: 1/21/2023 8:00:41 AM
New DynamicForm Example upload

Although it is an example, it could very easily be used directly.

List vertically or horizontally Small collapsible notes that can be color coordinated. The Title link inside the note when clicked will display a popup containing the body of the note. 

head over to Studio-Elf - Forms Gallery and check it out.

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Created on: 1/16/2023 7:07:53 AM
Dogfooding DynamicForms 1.0.5

Release is getting so very close now !

Install DynamicForm 1.0.5 on the site alone with a survey form created using the module. The new version has 3 new controls added to the toolbox:

  • SendButton - This control allows you to send an email from the form. The functionality is simple To, From, Subject , Body, plus is requested the form data can also be sent.
  • UserSelector - This control allows you to select a user from a auto complete search list. Users can be filtered by Role which is set in the controls properties.
  • Calculate - With this control it is possible to create calculations on the form. The resulting data is saved and can be used in the Presentation layer.

When the module is released the next fully functional DynamicForm will be a Bug Reporting system. With the data I idea is to create high and low level reports to be displayed using the DynamicForm- Viewer.

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Created on: 1/14/2023 8:35:35 AM
Dynamic Forms 1.0.5 getting close

This release is a quite major with some really intense functionality, so it has to be correct.

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Created on: 1/12/2023 4:03:17 AM
DynamicForm 1.0.4 Released

This release is quite a large release.

The general UI has had a facelift. With new functionality it was evident that the work areas in the module needed to rearranged so that is was not too busy and only displayed the tools that are required.

The Toolbox sees 3 new controls added, TextEncrypt, TextAreaEncrypt (The data is encrypted when saved and displayed. The Text is decrypted only when the field is in Edit mode. If used please ensure the correct people have access to the data. #If the data is exported it will be useless unless imported to the same instance as to where it was created.) and Decimal.

Also a great addition was that all calculable controls can be aggregated. This will display an icon in the column head, when hoovered will display the summary value.

Forms and Presenters now have their own Style sections injected at runtime. This allows for a more rich and dynamic experience.

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Created on: 10/12/2022 6:46:30 AM
Git project just released Git 2.37

The open source Git project just released Git 2.37, with features and bug fixes from over 75 contributors, 20 of them new.

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Created on: 8/24/2022 4:25:03 AM
Oqtane Release 3.1.4

The 3.1.4 release is primarily focused on stabilization.

The 3.1.4 release is primarily focused on stabilization. This includes a variety of performance optimizations, user experience improvements, and localization enhancements. As mentioned in the Oqtane Philosophy, performance is one of overarching themes for the framework. In this release we conducted some load testing and optimized the most frequently executed methods both from a client and server workload perspective. This release includes 25 pull requests by 4 different contributors, pushing the total number of project commits all-time to 2949. The Oqtane framework continues to evolve at a rapid pace to meet the needs of .NET developers. The 3.1.4 release is available for download on GitHub.

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Created on: 8/2/2022 5:18:09 PM
RocketFuel Oqtane Theme 1.4.0 Released

Theme was upgraded to Bootstrap 5.2

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Created on: 8/2/2022 5:20:11 PM