DynamicForm 1.0.6 Release - Enhanced Functionality and Bug Fixes

We are excited to announce the release of DynamicForms 1.0.6, packed with new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. This release focuses on improving the user experience and expanding the capabilities of DynamicForms. Let's dive into the details of the updates:

New Formats for DateTime Fields

In response to user feedback, we have added new formats to all DateTime Field types. You can now customize the display of date and time values using the following formats:

  • - $[_Date]
  • - $[_Date:Day]
  • - $[_Date:ShortDay]
  • - $[_Date:ShortDate]
  • - $[_Date:LongDay]
  • - $[_Date:LongDate]
  • - $[_Date:Month]
  • - $[_Date:ShortMonth]
  • - $[_Date:LongMonth]
  • - $[_Date:Year]
  • - $[_Date:ShortTime]
  • - $[_Date:LongTime]
  • - $[_Date:Hour]
  • - $[_Date:Minute]
  • - $[_Date:Second]
  • - $[_Date:DayOfWeek]
  • - $[_Date:DayOfYear]
  • - $[_Date:TimeOfDay]

These new formats provide greater flexibility in presenting date and time information within your forms.

Enhancement: Aggregator Control

Introducing a new control to the Toolbox: The Aggregator. With this control, the DynamicForm element can aggregate the values of a field in the dataset based on a given aggregate type and optional conditions. For example, you can sum the days worked where the "Holiday Taken" flag is set to false. The aggregated value can then be utilized in a Presenter with CSS calc methods. Date field conditions support dynamic macros that are converted to date values upon data loading. Here are some available macros:

  • - "{{empty}}" or "{{null}}": Sets the date value to the minimum possible value.
  • - "{{now}}" or "{{today}}": Sets the date value to the current date and time.
  • - "{{yesterday}}": Sets the date value to yesterday's date.
  • - "{{tomorrow}}": Sets the date value to tomorrow's date.
  • - "{{quarter 1}}", "{{quarter 2}}", "{{quarter 3}}", "{{quarter 4}}": Sets the date value to the first day of the respective quarter of the current year.
  • - "{{last quarter}}", "{{this quarter}}", "{{next quarter}}": Sets the date value to the first day of the previous, current, or next quarter of the current year.
  • - "{{last year}}", "{{this year}}", "{{next year}}": Sets the date value to the first day of the previous, current, or next year.
  • - "{{year to date}}": Sets the date value to the first day of the current year.
  • - "{{Last Week}}", "{{This Week}}", "{{Next Week}}": Sets the date value to the first day of the last, current, or next week.
  • - "{{Last Month}}", "{{This Month}}", "{{Next Month}}": Sets the date value to the first day of the last, current, or next month.
  • - "{{Last x weeks}}", "{{This x weeks}}", "{{Next x weeks}}": Sets the date value to the first day of x weeks ago, from now, or from now.
  • - "{{Last x months}}", "{{This x months}}", "{{Next x months}}": Sets the date value to the first day of x months ago, from now, or from now.

This powerful enhancement allows for advanced data manipulation and analysis within your forms.

Enhanced Image Placement in Exported Forms

We have introduced the $[_ImagePlacement] token to enhance the rendering of DynamicForms when exported. Using this token, you can ensure that your exported forms still render nicely. By inserting the $[_ImagePlacement] token, an img tag will be inserted in the exported form. Additionally, you can use $[_ImagePlacement:url] to insert a specific URL for the image.

While this functionality is currently not automated on export, you can manually utilize the $[_ImagePlacement] token to enhance the visual representation of your exported DynamicForms.

Improved Master Tag Functionality

We have made enhancements to the behavior of Master tags in DynamicForms. When clicking a Master tag, the system now directly searches for records with that tag assigned, instead of relying on the Filter functionality. This improvement streamlines the process of finding relevant records associated with specific tags.

Streamlined Inline Edit Mode

In Inline Edit Mode, we have made the editing experience more focused and clutter-free. The Master Tags and Filter bar are no longer displayed, providing a cleaner and more efficient editing environment.

Convenient Link Execution

We have introduced a convenient feature for executing links within the Data List. Now, by holding down the [Ctrl] key while clicking on a link, the link will be executed. This enhancement saves you time and effort when interacting with links within your DynamicForms.

Simplified Control Duplication

To streamline the process of duplicating controls, we have made an improvement when dragging and dropping a control while holding down the [Ctrl] key. Now, a copy of the control will be created automatically, eliminating the need for manual duplication.

Configurable Display of Master Tags

We understand the importance of customization, and in response to user feedback, we have added the ability to set the number of Master Tags displayed. You can now adjust the visibility of Master Tags according to your preference, allowing for a tailored experience within your DynamicForms.

Enhanced Tag Control Design

In the design phase, the Tag control now provides a preview of how the Master Tags will look. This enhancement gives you a better understanding of the visual appearance of Master Tags within your forms, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing design.

Sorting Capabilities in Data View

The Data View now supports sorting by clicking the table headers. We have removed the sort dropdowns, consolidating the sorting functionality within the table headers. The Presenter view will still provide additional sorting options, enabling you to efficiently organize your data.

Data Caching Implementation

We are pleased to introduce data caching in DynamicForms. With data caching implemented, you can experience improved performance and responsiveness, as data is stored locally for quick retrieval. This enhancement optimizes the efficiency of data handling within your forms.

Sitemap URL Generation

DynamicForms now automatically generates Sitemap URLs. You have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature in the settings. Additionally, you can define the Title column to be used in the SiteMap link. It's important to note that the Sitemap interface generates links only for modules that are publicly visible.

Bug Fixes

We have resolved several bugs reported by our users. These bug fixes include:

  • - Fixing the issue where MasterTags were not being updated when the form was saved.
  • - Addressing the problem of empty records not being removed when adding a new record and canceling the form in Inline Edit Mode.
  • - Fixing validation for negative values in the Calculate control.
  • - Resolving the experience issue with the Bookmark toggle button on the Dynamic Form.
  • - Fixing the display issue of the new empty record word in the Data Grid when adding new data in Modal window mode.

We appreciate the valuable feedback from our users, which helped us identify and address these issues, ensuring a more stable and seamless experience with DynamicForms.

Update and Enjoy DynamicForms 1.0.6

With DynamicForms 1.0.6, we have expanded the capabilities of our platform, enhanced usability, and addressed various issues reported by our users. We encourage you to update to the latest version and take advantage of the new features and improvements.

To upgrade to DynamicForms 1.0.6, please visit the Oqtane Market Place. If you have any questions or need assistance during the update process, our support team is ready to help.

We value your feedback and suggestions to continue improving DynamicForms. If you encounter any issues or have ideas for new features, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to delivering a powerful and user-friendly form-building experience.

Thank you for choosing DynamicForms. We look forward to seeing the incredible forms you create with our latest release, 1.0.6!


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Form Designer

The DynamicForm designer is the first thing needed to create the form. When the form is saved the underlying data structure is created.

Data Presenter

When you Form is created and you have the underlying data structure, the data will need to be presented. This is done using a Token replace template. The design will preview in real-time.