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version 1.0.1

1.0.1 Changes

  • We are excited to announce that we have rolled out our latest product update, DynamicForm, which includes 
  • Added onmouseenter and onmouseleave events to stop text flicking on Toolbox.  
  • Add to the property list in the form designer enter and leave descriptions for properites.
  • The URL component now has a true/false property to add the current sites page URLS.
  • Trimmed down the Presenter designer code for faster rendering.
  • Fix bug where if the Presenter was empty no warning was given that the Presenter needed to be created.
  • Add a Auto Presenter button which will generate a Presenter using the all the fields.
  • Add a Wizard to streamline the creation of a Presenter.
  • Fix bug in the FileManager control and add the Title Alignment property, that was missing
  • Now you are able to toggle between Presenter and data entry. Only with edit rights.
  • On the DynamicForm Settings you can now select a start up sort, so when the module is loaded the default sort is applied.
  • Fix Properties window resizing flashing.
  • Refractored User Edit Rights when the Compose permission is set.
  • Added Notifications to Add Update and Delete, where by the module can be configured to send out notifications when the action is run.
  • Refactoring to take advantage of 3.1.0 features of Oqtane

version 1.0.0

DynamicForm released.

StudioElf.DynamicForm - Is a Forms Designer lets you easily add controls to a form, and arrange them. The Form Designer gives you an object-oriented, visual environment for creating graphical forms and other user interface elements. Once your form is designed you are able to capture and display data in a presenter.