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Form Designer

The DynamicForm designer is the first thing needed to create the form. When the form is saved the underlying data structure is created.

Data Presenter

When you Form is created and you have the underlying data structure, the data will need to be presented. This is done using a Token replace template. The design will preview in real-time.

Version 1.0.5 -- In Development

version 1.0.5 -- What to Expect - NOT released

General UI

  • Improved Saving in all areas of the module.
  • Improvements made to the Form Editor load time and control Properties parser.
  • Improvements made to the Presentation template parser.
  • Retuned the import procedures so that the selected combinations correctly import required data.
  • Individual records can now be accessed via a URL. The module will load the record as a signal record in the active presenter. As the data is visible in the address bar, the id number is encrypted for security.


  • Fixed issue with css not being loaded correctly.

Form Designer

  • The Help button on Preview Form now activates the Help window.


  • RadioButton would not allow the Required flag to be set to false. This is now fixed.
  • All controls that support Aggregation now have two new properties added "Show Aggregate Header" and "Show Aggregate Footer". Aggregate Icon will be displayed when true. The Icon renders a tool-tip of the Aggregate value. the Footer displays the values is the Footer.
  • Added CSSClass property to the Label control.
  • All Control now have [Name]-Container, [Name]-Label and [Name]-Control id's this can assist in styling. ie MyTextBox-Container


  • SendButton - This control allows you to send an email from the form. The functionality is simple To, From, Subject , Body, plus is requested the form data can also be sent.
  • UserSelector - This control allows you to select a user from a auto complete search list. Users can be filtered by Role which is set in the controls properties.
  • Calculate - With this control it is possible to create calculations on the form. The resulting data is saved and can be used in the Presentation layer.


  • Add a "None" option to the Pager Position. This is to accommodate a Summary style where only the aggregated values are displayed.
  • The "summary" attribute was renamed to "aggregated" to keep inline with what it actually is.
  • The width of the Presenter Editor can be expanded full container width. This will hide the Presenter Viewer.
  • Extend the PageSize values with the addition of; 10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50. 

Presenter Designer

New Tokens 

$[ShortDate] dd-MMM-yyyy

$[FullDate] dddd, dd MMMM yyyy

$[ShortTime] HH:mm

$[FullTime] HH:mm:ss

$[RecordCount] This is usefull for any CSS calc functions. i.e style="width: calc(calc($[Gender:aggregated:Female] / $[RecordCount]) * 100%)"

New Token Attributes

$[Token:title] displays the title that is used in the form.

Data List

  • When displaying a Color value a small swatch is also displayed


If you user an aggregate count on a list of item you are able to get the aggregate value of an item as follows:

$[Language:aggregated:C#] this would return the count for all items 'C#' items.

$[Coder:aggregated:true] this would return the count for all items 'true' items.

$[Coder:value[1] this would return the value at index level 1, which in this case would return "True"

eg. To calculate the width of a progress bar.

style="width: calc(calc($[Coder:aggregated:$[Coder:value[1]] / $[RecordCount]) * 100%)"


style="width: calc(calc($[Coder:aggregated:true] / $[RecordCount]) * 100%)"

An example Survey will be available on the release of 1.5.0

Version 1.0.4

version 1.0.4 -- RELEASED

General UI

  • Main Toolbar has been shortened and the relevant tools are displayed in the relevant work area. 
  • When the module enters Page Edit mode and the "No Render In Page Edit Mode" is selected the Module will render the Name of the Form and the Module Title. This help to identify what DynamicForm is what.
  • Fixed issue where Update Notifications where being sent twice.
  • Fixed issue when Edit Mode is line toolbar buttons should be disabled and re-enabled when out to edit mode.
  • Added module version number to module footer.


  • It is now possible to add styles to the Form.
  • Is is now possible to add a simple help text to the Form. When the HelpText is available then the form will display a help button on the title bar of the form.
  • The Data form and Preview form can now be maximized and restored.


New Controls added.  

  • Decimal. Similar to number, but rather than storing integer values this control will store decimal values.
  • TextEncrypt. Similar the The DynamicForm elements of type text create basic single-line text fields. The data is encrypted when saved and displayed. The Text is decrypted only when the field is in Edit mode. If used please ensure the correct people have access to the data. #If the data is exported it will be useless unless imported to the same instance as to where it was created.
  • TextAreaEncrypt. 

  • RadioButton fixed. When clicked in design mode would cause a error.
  • Tag and Master Tag presenter control
  1. Fixed weird formatting issue with Master Tags.
  2. Added two properties for Outline and Small size. Both properties added to Tag and MasterTag
  3. Added more formatting options, allowing also the notification area to be themed.

All input controls can now be Aggregate. In the control properties select the aggregation you require. On the data list Column Titles will display an icon, hoover over to see the value.

Values can also be used in the presenter designer.

Aggregation Methods

  • Sum - gets sum of numeric collection
  • Max - gets maximal item from collection
  • Min - gets minimal item from collection
  • Count - counts number of items in a collection (result type is Int32)
  • LongCount - counts number of items in a collection (result type is Int64)
  • Average - computes average value of numeric collection

Extended Tokens with a "raw" attribute. For example $[Url:raw] would render the unformatted URL, also for $[Email:raw]

Extended Tokens with a "summary" attribute. For example $[Age:summary] would render the aggregated summary value of the column.


The Presenter now allows for custom styling. The style sheet can be accessed from the presenter toolbar.

All style windows support full css integration.

Short CutKeys (alt+[key])


  • Form Designer (f)
  • Presenter Designer (p)
  • Save (s)

Data Entry

  • Add Button (a)

Form Designer

  • Toolbox (t)
  • StyleSheet (s)
  • Preview (v)
  • Columns (c)
  • Help Doc (h)
  • Window att (w)

Presenter Designer

  • StyleSheet (s)
  • Wizard (w)

Help documentation reformatted and ongoing.

version 1.0.3

1.0.3 what's new!

General UI

  • Added visual spinners to processes.


  • Removed the HTMLContext from the URL control.
  • Corrected the Placeholder property on the URL and HTMLControl control.
  • Corrected the DivStyle, now render correctly.
  • ReadOnly property added to CheckBox and RadioButton.
  • RadioButton now correctly handles the Required property.
  • DataLsit and Select controls have been extended. In the control properties for Options, options can be added as Value or Name Value pair. The Name value pair need to be separated with a comma i.e. Name String, Value String; Dog,100. Using a single value per line is also supported.

Form Designer

  • Added "#All" to Master tags. When clicked will display all the items.
  • Fixed alignment issue with Tags and Filter when Tags wrapped the Filter stretched.
  • Form Designer main tool bar has a trash button that will remove all the controls from all the zones. To delete only a zone, you will need to use the trash button on the zone toolbar.


  • When renaming the Name property in the form design, the save action will now also replace any $[Token] usage in the Presenter(s).


  • Importing of data is better handled by 3 options. The options are; DataStore, Form (Canvas), and Presenters. Each option can be imported separately. 


  • Setting added for startup mode. You can now select (when logged in) what mode; Data or Presenter. Default is 'Data'.
  • Setting added so that when in PageEdit mode the module does not render. PageEdit cause the module to fully load on enter and exit of the mode. This can be an unnecessary process and speeds up what you are wanting to do. When set the module renders a message that it is in 'Page Edit Mode'.
  • Fixed issue introduce by Oqtane 1.3.3 release where the Settings would not load.
  • Fixed Notifications sending out duplicate when a new record is added.

** New Module

Added New Inner module that extends the presenter functionality "DynamicForm.Viewer". When added to a page the module can be configured to render any DynamicForm with a specified Presenter. 

Help documentation reformatted and ongoing.

Please visit once registered you are able to enter issue reports, ask question and suggest enhancements. You will also so find a repository of fully running examples.

version 1.0.2

1.0.2 Changes

We are excited to announce that we have rolled out our latest product update, DynamicForm, which includes;

  • Added Presenter Preview so now your design is done in real-time.
  • Added Copy to clipboard function for all Presenter Tokens.
  • Added Animation Effects to Presenter.
  • New Presenter wizard for creating presenter templates in 6 simple steps.
  • Added new control to the Toolbox. Tags, Tags allow you to add tags to your data. When the control is used a master tag list is displayed on the filter bar. Clicking a master tag will filter the data. Tags are be rendered in the presenter but are not clickable.
  • Add new function to the filter bar. Click the icons on the filter input will; Clear the Filter; Toggle text highlighting.
  • Fixed Notifications to execute for all users.
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Help documentation is ongoing.

version 1.0.1

1.0.1 Changes

  • We are excited to announce that we have rolled out our latest product update, DynamicForm, which includes 
  • Added onmouseenter and onmouseleave events to stop text flicking on Toolbox.  
  • Add to the property list in the form designer enter and leave descriptions for properites.
  • The URL component now has a true/false property to add the current sites page URLS.
  • Trimmed down the Presenter designer code for faster rendering.
  • Fix bug where if the Presenter was empty no warning was given that the Presenter needed to be created.
  • Add a Auto Presenter button which will generate a Presenter using the all the fields.
  • Add a Wizard to streamline the creation of a Presenter.
  • Fix bug in the FileManager control and add the Title Alignment property, that was missing
  • Now you are able to toggle between Presenter and data entry. Only with edit rights.
  • On the DynamicForm Settings you can now select a start up sort, so when the module is loaded the default sort is applied.
  • Fix Properties window resizing flashing.
  • Refractored User Edit Rights when the Compose permission is set.
  • Added Notifications to Add Update and Delete, where by the module can be configured to send out notifications when the action is run.
  • Refactoring to take advantage of 3.1.0 features of Oqtane

version 1.0.0

DynamicForm released.

StudioElf.DynamicForm - Is a Forms Designer lets you easily add controls to a form, and arrange them. The Form Designer gives you an object-oriented, visual environment for creating graphical forms and other user interface elements. Once your form is designed you are able to capture and display data in a presenter.